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Lapp Cycle & Parts Ltd. offers a storage system for your equipment and Motorcycles.

We offer storage with some great assistance for you to enjoy.

Please ensure that your equipment/Motorcycle is cleaned before leaving for storage.

  • Motorcycle Covers - We do not provide covers for storage bikes however if you own a cover, please bring it with you and we will use your cover on your bike during storage. Covers are also for sale in our store.
  • Servicing Your Equipment - We strongly recommend a fresh oil and filter change before storing your bike for the winter. Consult with our service department when dropping off your bike.
  • Spring Pick Up - When you want your bike taken out of storage, please contact our Service Department 7 days in advance If you require a full Pre-Summer service, please contact our Service Department.
  • What we do - When you equipmentMotorcycle is dropped off at it's scheduled time, we add winter fuel stabilizer, attach a battery maintainer, Inflate tires to maximum pressure printed on tire by manufacturer, drain carburetor bowls if applicable.

To schedule an appointment for your personal storage appointment and our storage fee options price list. Please use the contact form below.